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Flood computation for dams and storage reservoirs

According to the revision of DIN 19700, design flows for reservoirs have to be determined for two reference events (BHQ1 and BHQ2):

  • dimensioning of spillway structures using BHQ1
  • proof of safety for the dam using BHQ2

Both depend on:

  • the category of dam or
  • the volume of the reservoir

You can compute your individual BHQ1 and BHQ2. Enter the three statistical parameter mean (MHQ), standard deviation (sHQ) and skewness (c) for the annual maximum discharge:


Results dams: BHQ1 BHQ2
Pü m3/s Pü m3/s
Class 1 1*10-3 1*10-4
Class 2 2*10-3 2*10-4
Class 2 special case 1*10-2 1*10-3

Results flood retention reservoirs: BHQ1 BHQ2
Pü m3/s Pü m3/s
large 1*10-3 1*10-4
medium and small 2*10-3 2*10-4
very small 5*10-3 1*10-3

(no responsibility is taken for the correctness of the details provided)

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